History 1961 - Present

Burnett British Automotive Service (License #21371) was started in 1961 by William Burnett, Sr. Several years later his two teenage sons, Bill and Jeff started working at the shop in their summer months. Soon they too became British car enthusiasts and very knowledgeable mechanics. In 1973, they both were made partners and a very successful business venture was underway on El Camino Real in Palo Alto. Then in 1991, William Sr. retired and his two sons took over the business. In 2001, Bill moved on and Jeff became the sole owner of the family business and eventually relocated to Mountain View.

barlogoJeff too, has passed on his enthusiasm and talent for cars to his children. His two sons are also very skilled hobbyist mechanics and rebuild cars and engines for recreational use. They all have a passion for car racing, motocross and four-wheeling. Jeff is also a licensed car racer who enjoys his time on the track. He is admirably known to his customers as a "car doctor" and one very likeable guy. His employees are also very knowledgeable and friendly too. Feel free to give them a call or just stop by. They are happy to answer any questions you may have and most importantly get your car running in top condition.